2009 DOS (Dept. of State) Survey of the YES (Youth Exchange Study) Program

  • The high school student exchange is an annual exchange between the students in Hamilton County Ohio schools and New Taipei City schools in Taiwan. The exchange is approximately two to three weeks long in each country:
    • Taiwan students visit Cincinnati for three weeks in November (they leave prior to Thanksgiving).
    • Cincinnatians visit New Taipei City for two weeks in the  June.
    • Students attend school with their host student.
    • Students participate in many travel and cultural activities.
  • Students stay with the families of their host student or other host families. With these “home stays”, the participating students have an opportunity to communicate on a very personal level. This results in an increased understanding of the educational and cultural differences, the sharing of information and perspective, and building partnerships between these students and their host families.
  • Students say that they establish life-long friendships and benefit greatly from these educational, travel and cultural experiences which help them with their own school activities when they return. Note: Cincinnati students do not have to speak Mandarin as most Tawiwanese
  • are fluent in English. In fact, students that DO speak Mandarin are often asked to NOT speak it with their host family so the hosts can practice their English.