Students from New Taipei City will arrive in Cincinnati on Friday, October 22 and be staying with host families throughout Cincinnati until Saturday, November 11.

Gratitude and appreciation goes to the following school districts for hosting Taiwanese students:

  • Cincinnati Public Schools
  • Turpin
  • Milford
  • Indian Hill
  • St. Xavier High School
  • Seton High School


As part of the exchange, we will register parents and students on separate accounts to facilitate communication (text messaging) while the Taiwan Students are in Cincinnati.  You will receive a text message to confirm your participation.  You can login through the internet to modify your settings (like to turn off text message alerts until the exchange begins — it can be a bit painful during the group confirmation process).

Also, we recommend that Cincinnati Students and Parents install the LINE app for free Instant Messaging, Phone Calls and Video Calls via Wifi from their phones while in Taiwan.


While some of these questions may be more relative to longer/year-long exchanges, most of them are applicable.

First Night Questions with Family

Sample questions to ask your Host Family when you first arrive in their home. It’s important to discuss all the questions, not only the ones that seem important. Remember, when in doubt ask, and always try to be open and honest with your host family and your Rotary counselor. Good communication is essential for a successful exchange.

  1. What do I call you?
  2. What am I expected to do daily, other than make my bed, always keep my room tidy, and clean the bathroom every time I use it?
  3. What are the rules regarding use of a computer?
  4. Where do I keep clothes until wash day?
  5. Should I wash my own clothes and underclothes?
  6. Should I iron my own clothes?
  7. May I use the iron, washing machine, sewing machine at any time?
  8. When is a convenient time for me to use the shower/bath (a.m. or p.m.)?
  9. Where may I keep my toiletries?
  10. May I use the family’s bathroom toiletries (toothpaste, soap, etc.), or am I responsible for purchasing my own?
  11. What time will meals be served?
  12. What can I do to assist at mealtimes (help prepare meals, set the table, wash dishes, empty garbage)?
  13. May I help myself to food and drink any time or should I ask first?
  14. What areas of the house are strictly private (parents’ bedroom, study/office)?
  15. May I put up pictures or posters in my room?
  16. May I rearrange my bedroom?
  17. What are your rules for me with regard to alcohol and smoking?
  18. Where can I store my suitcases?
  19. What time must I get up (on weekdays, on weekends)?
  20. What time must I go to bed (on school nights, on weekends)?
  21. What are the rules for going out at night and at what time must I be home? Can exceptions be made if I ask in advance?
  22. May I have friends spend the night or visit during the day?
  23. What are the rules about me using the telephone? Must I ask first?
  24. May my friends call me?
  25. May I call my friends?
  26. May I make long-distance calls?
  27. How do you want me to keep track the costs of my telephone calls?
  28. What is the procedure for mailing letters? What address do I use for my incoming mail?
  29. Do you have any dislikes, such as chewing gum, wearing a hat or curlers at the table, loud rock music, or smoking?
  30. Do my host brothers or sisters have any dislikes?
  31. What are the dates of your birthdays?
  32. What are the transportation arrangements (car, bus, bike, walking, etc.)?
  33. May I use the stereo, TV, computer, etc., at any time? Are there restrictions on computer and Internet use?
  34. What are the rules about attending religious services?
  35. Would you like me to phone home if I will be more than 30 minutes late?
  36. When we go out as a family, should I pay for my own entrance fee, meals, etc.?
  37. What arrangements should I make for school lunch?
  38. What else can I do around the house (yard work, household chores, baby-sit)?
  39. Please tell me how to interact with the house servants (where applicable).
  40. Is there anything else you would like me to know?